Bump Your eBay Auctions With Auction Bump Sites

Bump Your eBay Auctions With Auction Bump Sites

This is my list of active auction bump sites. In case you have never seen and auction bump site before. They have two basic varieties one allows you to put in just the item number and the other allows a little more control for users that want it.

Most aucton bump sites are FREE because of eBay’s partners network. I would suggest that a place that charges for this service either has a ton of traffic and can warrant adding a cost into the add or is not to be trusted. Either way its best to focus on free services.

This article will focus on the free ones I have tested in the past few days and know they are working properly and are easy to find on the internet. We have tested this and any auction or fixed price listing will get more hits if you use these sites. We can on average raise our number of hits to all pages by over 100 more visitors and many of those visitors make a purchase and look at your other items. Its a great way to bring new people to your site.

I try to separate them as far as quality of content and types of advertising they use.

Magies Place

Auction Bump

Power Selling Mom

The Irish Shamrock Company

Learn 2 Earn OK

Deja Creations

Seasoned with Time

Just Bump It
Funtastic Auctions
Paula Jean’s
Sassy Savings

Promo Bump

Buzz Bump Ads

Advertise Your Auctions

SB55 Graphics

Medieval and Victorian Decorating

Cat Purry

Tucson Tiques

Boost Bump

eBay Auction Bump sites with more control of images shown.
Bump Auctions

The Bump Meister

Sell It 4U

Beauty Bump

All Info 24 -7

UK Auction Bump

Where’s Your Bid

Auction Pimping Bump

eBay Store Bump List
eBay Store Bump

Promo Bump

Advertise Your eBay Store

Website Bump list
Just Bump It

All Info 24-7

Advertise Your Blog