Free Backlink Generators and some General Information

Free Backlink Generators and some General Information on backlink generators

Here is a quick list of backlink generators that can help you gain valuable backlinks or incoming links to your site.

Free Backlink Generators and Link Ping on the web:
1. Ping bomb claims 4K backlinks. Also has a few ping site that will help get your links noticed.
2. Backlink Ping tool is a very nice that you can ping your links with.
3. This is a good site backlink generator is pretty nice.
4. is another great ping tool that can be used to ping your links to get them indexed.
5. is another great site with ping and backlink generator also lots of other great tools.
6. Looks like you have to log in for this one.
7. great site with some really good tools 3K real backlinks submitted and ping in a few minutes on the web.