Information for Twitter Users

Information for Twitter Users

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We always follow back feel free to follow us we will return the favor. We also retweet other messages that we think are cool products. Please do the same for us.

1. What does twitter provide to a business owner: Twitter is a communication tool nothing more. It is great for reaching out and talking to your customers and potential customers. If your business is focused on items people love and will share with there friends. This simple fact will promote your product more than any other method.

2. How can a business owner take advantage of twitter: Talk to your people! The best thing to do is tweet often and from the heart. Also send out your link at least 3 times a day. There are a lot of times that people are on twitter. Find these times for your readers and tweet when they are online.

3. How do you deal with twitters limits: Twitter limits usually hit at a bad time just when you getting the follows you need. Many people buy followers I do not recommend that you buy follower but some advertising from fiverr or ebay can help draw people to your site. Having a fiver guy add you twitter to his or tweet/retweet about your account can generate lots of followers to your own account. They also have lots of people with follow clubs that will follow you back if you follow them. This is a great way to meet new friends and get tons of real world follows not a bunch of eggs.

4. How Much is too much: Many people think if they tweet 3 times a day they will drive people crazy with too many post. but in truth many people only use this twitter once or twice a day and there is little chance you will send your message to the same person too many times. Likey they wont see it at all.