Social Media “The Plan” In Simple straight forward layout

Social Media Plan In Simple straight forward layout.

Its not as easy as it sounds. Many sight will drive you nuts with unanswered questions and weak answer that further point out the problem without offering any real solution. I may not offer all the answers but I will try to answer the questions I post and help point you in the right direction.

Facebook = the big Daddy of social media.

Twitter = Very easy and fast to use lots of lookers for products or offers with good visual or short description appeal.

Pinterest = Very active and fun lots of great photos. Great way to get visual images of your products or instructional sales videos or images.

Youtube = Is awesome for customer support or just getting your message out there.

Google+ = is used by lots of people that have gmail and can be a great way to promote a blog or website.

LinkedIn = Great for personal/workforce based marketing.

First things first get your info together figure out what you need and make sure you use the most current info.

Do’s & Don’ts

DO: Use branded or proper email address make sure you have address setup for marketing and many other purposes. Also must have an address for internet websites and other logging info where you can let it be killed by spam and not be part of your regular email account. Gmail is excellent resource for these account there spam protection is great.

Don’t: Use your normal email for thing like account logins.

Do: Get at least one account for every main focus you wish to promote in each of the correct networks. If your company has two primairy products or productlines then you will problably wont a twitter account for each focus so you can target your campaign as much as possible. Carfal as each account means more work and time to manage. In the end it will mean more cost as well.

Don’t: get fifty accounts on day one and try to like and follow each of them in a circle to boost your ratings or popularity. Best way to get seen is to post a lot of unique content it will allow the search engines to toss you in front of the bus more often.

Do: Work at getting followers and likes from legitimate sources. Get your friends and family in there first if they say its weak tweak it and try again.

Don’t: Don’t buy any type of likes or followers no need and it will not make you any money. Sometimes it may be a good thing to buy retweets or other postings to help boost your ratings and get your word out. But in most cases buying followers or likes is more harmful than having only a few good ones.

Do: Fill out all information in all social media accounts completely and in a business way. Add your websites and phone number everything. Get it right the first time.

Don’t: Don’t Open only one or two accounts get them all set and make sure you copy your information to a word doc and print it out put it on the wall above your desk.

Ok that’s it for today more to come soon….